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Located in Royal Palm Beach, Florida. We have been serving the western communities of the Palm Beaches since 1985. We specialize in the care of small animals, mainly cats and dogs. We are a full service facility offering Wellness Exams, Vaccines, Lab Work, Digital X-rays, EKG's, Surgery, Cryo Surgery, Anesthetic and Non-Anesthetic Dentals, Grooming, and much more.

Attention Clients: Holiday Candles are in come and get yours today, they make great gifts as well.

IT'S HERE!! The only FLEA and TICK oral beef chew "NEXGARD" by Merial and it is on our shelves! Go to for more information please call us (561) 793-1552.

WE ACCEPT PET ASSURE! (Please bring your card)

Attention Grooming Clients: Our practice continues to grow by refferals from you, our satisfied clients. In appreciation for recommending our grooming services, we would like to thank you by offering a referral credit of $5.00 off your next grooming and $5.00 off the first grooming of the client referred. Call Today for your next grooming appt. (561)793-1552

Please Check out our Monthly Specials page it also has our daily and weekly specials

We also offer an affordable payment plan for your pets medical treatment. With Care Credit you get a low monthly payment plan and your pets get the medical care they need. Go to www.carecredit.com for more information.

Trifexis is now in stock. Trifexis requires a client/patient relationship and a negative Heartworm test within the past year. It is a chewable tablet given once a month that kills fleas and prevents infestations, also protects against Heartworms, and treats and controls roundworm, whipworm and adult hookworm infections.Call for more information today.

Check out this great website by Bayer-www.petparents.com Its filled with all sorts of great information for Dogs, Cats, and Horses from young to old.                                          

Trupanion Pet Safety Stickers. In event of an emergency, help keep your pets safe with Trupanion Pet Safety Stickers. When applied to the window of your front and back door, these stickers alert emergency and rescue personnel that pets live in your home. To receive your free stickers, go to-http://trupanion.com/pet-fire-safety-and Trupanion will send you two pet safety stickers to use in your home. These stickers are FREE from Trupanion-you don't need to be a policy holder to order.

ALSO- Not sure if your pet is microchipped or you don't know the number-Bring your pet by for a FREE microchip scan.

WEDNESDAY'S and SATURDAY's- We have a Rabies clinic special please call for hours and details.

WEDNESDAY SPECIAL:  Spa Day for your pet! $12.50 Bath's for short haired dogs, $17.50 for long haired dogs and all cats. (DOES NOT INCLUDE DEMATTING OR SHEDDING) All spa days include a bath, nail trim, ear cleaning and anal gland expression. Give your pet a treat and schedule your pet a spa day today!


Trupanion pet insurance is a great way to help you keep your pet healthy and happy, while at the same time keeping cash in your pocket. Trupanion's superior coverage can be started for your pet as early as (8) weeks of age. Trupanion pet insurance offers 90% coverage on all accidents and illnessses, including surgeries, diagnostic tests, hospital stays and medications. Trupanion recently added therapeutic pet foods and dietary supplements perscribed by your veternarian. Full coverage is available at any veterinary clinic, emergency care or specialty hospital. With Trupanion pet insurance there are no limits on the amount of care your pet can recieve. So be a Tru hero and sign up your pet with Trupanion pet insurance today.

Check out our Facebook page!!!!

FLEAS! It is flea season year round in Florida.Fleas are small insects, about 1/4 inch in length, laterally flat. They are wingless, and have long hind legs for jumping. Adult fleas live on the blood of the animals, and must have a blood meal to reproduce. Adults of the cat flea and dog flea are long lived, they may live for a year or more, with periodic feeding. A few simple observations can determine the extent of a flea problem, monitor your pet for scratching, you can also determine where fleas are active by walking around suspect areas in white socks, which allows you to see the fleas jump and try to bite.

Keep your pets protected year round with topical and oral flea medications. Call or stop by for further information.


Now offering an active duty military discount with a valid ID. In an effort to show our support to our troops and their famlies we are proud to offer a 15% discount to active duty personnel.  We thank you for all that you do!